Treated Timber has been used around the world in one form or another for over two thousand years. With the ever changing products available throughout the UK, Timber Field Trading have the experience and technology to offer several treatments to suit its customer’s requirements.

We have the facilities to offer:

·       UC4

Timber Field Trading can offer a sustainable Redwood fence post that is fit for purpose treated to BS EN335-1 with a warranty of 15 years.

With our own treatment facilities, using only 100% Pine, dried to an average 28% moisture content, treated in accordance to the British Standards this provides a product that can be trusted throughout its desired life.

·       Pressure Treated Green

Timber impregnated under high pressure to preserve the timbers against wood decay and insect attack, we use pine timbers when possible to achieve sap wood penetration.

·       Creosote

Creosote is a heavy-duty preservative most commonly known for the treatment of telegraph poles and railways sleepers. The demand for Creosote fence posts is constantly increasing as it is very effective against fungi and insect decay, it has very strong water repellent properties providing longevity of the treated timber

We only use genuine Coal Tar Creosote, 100% Pine which is dried to average 28% moisture content and treated in accordance with BS144 which provides a product that can be trusted throughout its desired life.

 After All treatment cycles we perform rigid quality checks to ensure the required penetration is achieved in accordance with the standards required.