Timber Field Trading import large volumes of Machine Rounds and Cundy Peeled Poles mainly from the Baltics, as well as other European countries.

We use primarily pine for all our round products even on our standard Tanalised green, our main production facilities are located in the Baltics where the forest covers 60% of the country’s total area and is dominated by Pine at around 42%, with the climate conditions in the Baltics, the Pine is slow grown giving it more strength and durability.

We have large stocks of Posts, Stakes, Strainers, Halve Rounds, Rails, Bollards, Jump poles ready in the UK for immediate delivery.

Machine Rounds

·       Varied specification

·       50mm to 200mm diameter

·       Lengths from 1.2m to 3.6m

·       Pointed, Chamfered or blank ends,

·       Rails and Halve Round Stakes

Cundy Peeled

·       Varied specification

·       50-75mm up to and including 200-225mm diameter

·       Lengths from 1.2m to 5.5m

·       Pointed and blank ends

·       Rails and Halve Round Stakes

We offer Pressure treated Green, Pressure Treated Creosote, Branded Identification on UC4, or alternatively Fresh Untreated or Kiln Dried Pine is available for you to incorporate your own treatment facilities.The above is just an example of what can be offered by Timber Field Trading please contact us direct regarding exact specifications or for your bespoke requirements.