Timber Field Trading has experience within the timber industry for more than 20 years, from home-grown production methods to the importing of timbers from the Baltics, Europe and Canada, our company Imports and distributes a wide range of timber products suitable for Agricultural, Equine, Landscaping, Domestic Timbers as well as a range of Outdoor Living and Garden Products.

We have a unique direct supply chain from source to wholesaler, giving us the benefit of consistent and excellent quality products supplied straight from our partners. Our Baltic partners produce around 75% of the company’s timber with a production yield of more than 1500cbm of pine per month, our Latvian partner has facilities comprising of three treatment vessels, a small sawmill and kilning services. The reliable and well established production lines have the machining facilities and the aptitude for custom made orders giving it the attention to detail as required.

Our staff in the UK provide a competent and loyal service at favourable prices from our office in Ipswich, we hold a comprehensive range of products in stock at Creeksea Essex and Rochester Kent also working in conjunction with other UK ports Cardiff, Hull and Shoreham, delivering your product requirements with a reliable and efficient service as expected.

Timber Field Trading are FSC Certified and are committed to the responsibility of promoting environmentally sound management of our forests, harvesting from sustainable sources with well managed replanting programmes.

Timber Field Trading has complete control of the product from source until it reaches its final destination……you the customer.